Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Issue is in Progress...

at  the full moon...

Issue One, Winter 2010

Friday, November 20, 2009

A recent submission accepted to Rune Tao Press

This is a recent submission accepted to the Rune Tao Press. The  poet is a long time poet from Durango, Colorado... Charles Hice.
It will be included in the Winter, 2010 issue of the Rune Tao Press debut chapbook, which will include Autumn Moon Festival Poems and other submissions.

Runes Tao

By Charles Hice

Purple memories taken out and dried 
like tendrils from a brain 
synapse lapses into refrain. 
Unfair, Unfair, is life. 
To be saddled like a riding crop 
with problems others have 
the tao. 
Nothing bad ever happens 
to them wicked people. 
They take large bites of life 
and never pay the tao. 
Yet the end is not yet seen 
we have not been inbetween 
the rock and the hard place 
Perhaps the final burning 
makes them enter into RUNES 
and howl with no sound 
while we can live with 
JESUS in eternity. 
 2009 By Charles Hice

Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn Moon Reading Submissions are open

Taking Submissions…. 

October 3rd, 2009 is the coming out party for my new press, Rune Tao Press. And we will be celebrating it with a reading on that date because it is the autumn full moon and Chinese Moon Festival. The reading, which will be held at Goldfish Tea in Royal Oak, Michigan, from 6-9 pm., will be a combination of Eastern and Western poetry. 

Since many people cannot come to this reading, because of distance and other events that evening, I’ve decide a nice way to start things off and include as many people as possible would be to have people submit poetry for the event. Which, if picked, will be read at the reading, and published in a chapbook as a kick off for Rune Tao Press.

 So here now are the details and guidelines for this submission. They are pretty simple.

 DEADLINE for submission: Thursday, October 1, 2009. 

The themes are this:  Chinese, Asian or western themes dealing with the moon, autumn, the change of season or movement. 

Poetry submissions can be short or long of not more than one page in length if printed as a Word document.

Preferably tanka, haiku, renga, ghazal, or pantoum but can also be of any other form or free form as long as it fits one of the themes, even 'non-traditional' or  'urban' haiku. 

Please be creative and innovative. Poems may be modern or traditional in nature. I  hope people have fun with the idea as well.

 Rune Tao Press is an alternative press.  So is interested in stretching the envelope a little.

 Submissions should be e-mailed to:    runewarrior921@gmail.com

 Poems should be placed in the body of the document not as an attachment.

 Thank you.  I'm looking forward to your submissions. 

editor, Rune Tao Press